Organized by the Croatian National Bank
Dubrovnik,  28 - 29 June, 2001


Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee

List of Participants

List of Papers



Mr. Zeljko Rohatinski - Chairman
Croatian National Bank

Mr. Mario I. Blejer
Senior Advisor
International Monetary Fund

Mr. Marko Skreb
IMF Advisor to the Governor
Bank of Albania


Mr. Tomislav Presecan - Chairman
Croatian National Bank

Ms. Irena Dorcic - Vujic
Manager of the Travel Services Department
Travel Agency "Atlas"

Ms. Mirjana Sipic
Head of the Finance and Internal
Accounting Operations Division
Accounting Department of the CNB



  1. Mr. Ante Babic, CNB, Zagreb, Croatia
  2. Mr. Mate Babic, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
  3. Mr. Gunter D. Baer, BIS, Basle, Switzerland
  4. Mr. Mario I. Blejer, IMF, Washington, USA 
  5. Mr. Peter Botoucharov, Deutsche Bank AG London, London, UK
  6. Ms. Suzana Brenko, Ministry of Finance, Zagreb, Croatia
  7. Mr. Craig A. Burnside, The World Bank, Washington, USA 
  8. Mr. Shkëlqim Cani, Bank of Albania, Tirana, Albania
  9. Ms. Graciana del Castillo, Director, Standard & Poor's
  10. Mr. Warren Coats, IMF, Washington, USA 
  11. Mr. Mate Crkvenac, Ministry of Finance, Zagreb, Croatia
  12. Mr. David Culpepper, Advise to the Deputy Prime Minister
  13. Mr. Ante Cicin Sain, Corpernicus Adriatic Zagreb, Croatia
  14. Ms. Martina Dalic, Chief Economist, Privredna banka d.d. Zagreb
  15. Mr. James W. Dean, Professor of Economics, Western Washington University
  16. Mr. Edgar L. Feige, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  17. Mr. Randall K. Filer, President, CERGE-EI Foundation
  18. Mr. Goranko Fizulic, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Croatia
  19. Mr. Hans Flickenschild, Advisor, International Monetary Fund
  20. Mr. Jacob A. Frenkel, President, Merrill Lynch
  21. Mr. Mitja Gaspari, Governor, Bank of Slovenia
  22. Mr. Curzio Giannini, Deputy Head, Banca d'Italia
  23. Mr. Oleh Havrylyshyn, Senior Adviser, IMF, Washington, USA 
  24. Mr. Yusuke Horiguchi, Director, IMF, Washington, USA 
  25. Mr. Michael Hutchison, Professor of Economics, University of California
  26. Mr. Ljubinko Jankov, Executive Director, Area of Research and Statistics, Croatian National Bank
  27. Mr. Igor Jemric, Director, Statistics Department, CNB, Zagreb, Croatia
  28. Mr. Miguel A. Kiguel, President, Banco Hipotecario S.A.
  29. Mr. Grzegorz W. Kolodko, Director, TIGER/WSPiZ
  30. Mr. Evan Kraft, Director, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  31. Mr. Andrew Krapotkin, Head of the EBRD Office Zagreb, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  32. Mr. Damir Kustrak, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Croatia
  33. Mr. Ricardo Lago, Deputy Chief Economist, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  34. Mr. Maroje Lang, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  35. Mr. Jacques de Larosière, Advisor, BNP Paribas
  36. Mr. Slavko Linic, Vice President of the Government of the Republic of Croatia
  37. Mr. Cedo Maletic, Vicegovernor, National Bank of Croatia
  38. Ms. Sanja Mardjetko-Kurecic, Advisor, Ministry of Finance
  39. Mr. Neven Mates, Division Chief, International Monetary Fund
  40. Mr. Dominique Menü, General Manager, BNP Dresdner Bank (Croatia) d.d.
  41. Mr. Jadranko Mijalic, Chairman of the Committee for Finance and Budget, Croatian Parliament
  42. Mr. Zarko Miljenovic, Chief Economist, Zagrebačka banka d.d.
  43. Mr. Frederic S. Mishkin, Professor, Columbia University
  44. Mr. Robert A. Mundell, Professor, Columbia University
  45. Ms. Piroska M. Nagy, Deputy Division Chief, International Monetary Fund
  46. Mr. Peter Nicholl, Governor, Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  47. Mr. Eric F. Nielsen, Director, Goldman Sachs
  48. Mr. John Norregaard, IMF Resident Representative, International Monetary Fund
  49. Mr. Domenico Mario Nuti, Professor, London Business School
  50. Mr. Gary O'Callaghan, Advisor to the Prime Minister, Government of the Republic of Montenegro
  51. Mr. Gur Ofer, Professor, Hebrew University
  52. Mr. Giancarlo Perasso, JP Morgan
  53. Mr. Tomislav Presecan, Vicegovernor, Croatian National Bank
  54. Ms. Andreja Pufnik, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  55. Mr. Velimir Rajkovic, Assistant to the Minister, Ministry of Finance
  56. Mr. Zeljko Rohatinski, Governor, Croatian National Bank
  57. Mr. Moritz Schularick, Deutsche Bank Research
  58. Mr. Marcelo Selowsky, Chief Economist, The World Bank
  59. Mr. Soumitra Sharma, University of Zagreb
  60. Mr. Sandor Sipos, Head of Croatia Country Office, The World Bank
  61. Mr. Larry Sjaastad, Professor, University of Chicago
  62. Mr. György Szapáry, Deputy President, National Bank of Hungary
  63. Mr. Marko Skreb, Advisor to the Governor, Bank of Albania
  64. Mr. Vedran Sosic, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  65. Mr. Ivan Teodorovic, Director, Institute of Economics, Zagreb
  66. Mr. Andrew N. Vorkink, Country Director, The World Bank
  67. Ms. Ruzica Vuger, Chief Advisor to the Governor, Croatian National Bank
  68. Mr. Boris Vujcic, Deputy Governor, Croatian National Bank
  69. Mr. Paul Wachtel, Professor, New York University
  70. Mr. J. de Beaufort Wijnholds, Executive Director, International Monetary Fund
  71. Mr. Martin Wolf, Associate Editor&Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times
  72. Mr. Charles Wyplosz, Professor, Graduate Institute for International Studies
  73. Mr. Kresimir Zigic, CERGE-EI
  74. Mr. Ante Zigman, Chief Economist, Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Zagreb



Boris Vujčić and Jemrić Igor: Technical Efficiency of Banks in Transition
PDF document 312 KB

Charles Wyplosz: How Risky is Financial Liberalization in the Developing Countries
PDF document 160 KB

Craig A. Burnside: Currency Crises and Contingent Liabilities
PDF document 16 KB

Curzio Giannini: Broad in Scope, Soft in Method. International Cooperation and the Quest for Financial Stability in Emerging Markets
PDF document  310 KB

Frederic S. Mishkin: Monetary Policy Strategies for Emerging Market Countries: Case Studies from Latin America
PDF document  341 KB

Gunter D. Baer: Risk and Capital Flows to the Emerging Markets
PDF document 34 KB

Gur Ofer and Michael Keren: The Role of FDI in Trade and Financial Services in Transition: Are Transition and “Development” Different?
PDF document 113KB

György Szapáry: Banking Sector Reform in Hungary: Lessons Learned, Current Trends and Prospects
PDF document 123 KB

James W. Dean and Kenneth Kasa: Capital Flows in Euroland
PDF document 6KB

Michael Hutchison and llan Neuberger: Output Costs of Currency and Balance of Payments Crises in Emerging Markets
PDF document 70 KB

Miguel A. Kiguel: Structural Reforms in Argentina: Success or Failure
PDF document 3MB

Yusuke Horiguchi: Capital Flows in Emerging Asia: Should External Borrowing be Restrained?
PDF document 226 KB

Ricardo Lago: Debt in Transition Economies: Where is it Heading, What can be done about it?