Organized by the Croatian National Bank
Dubrovnik, June 26 - 29, 2002
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Last update: February 6, 2003

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Organizing Committee

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1. Mr. Željko Rohatinski - Chairman
Croatian National Bank
2. Mr. Boris Vujčić – Vice-Chairman
Deputy Governor
Croatian National Bank
3. Mr. Mario I. Blejer
Central Bank of Argentina
4. Mr. Jacob A. Frenkel
Merrill Lynch International, INC
5. Mr. Paul Wachtel
New York University
Leonard N. Stern School of Business
6. Mr. Ante Čičin Šain
Former Governor of the Croatian National Bank and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Ireland

1. Mr. Tomislav Presečan - Chairman
Croatian National Bank
2. Ms. Nina Srkalović – Vice-Chairman
Head of the Governor's Office
Croatian National Bank
3. Ms. Mirjana Šipić
Head of the Finance and Internal Accounting Operations Division
Accounting Department of the CNB
4. Mr. Stjepo Sentović
Specialised Officer
Internal Audit
5. Ms. Vanja Orešković - Secretary
Governor's Secretary
Governor's Office of the CNB



  1. Ms. Amina Ahec Šonje, Institute of Economics Zagreb
  2. Mr. Philip Arestis, Professor, South Bank University
  3. Mr. Ante Babić, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  4. Mr. Mate Babić, Professor, University of Zagreb
  5. Mr. Alen Belullo, Professor, Faculty of Economics Pula
  6. Mr. Mario I. Blejer, President, Central Bank of Argentina
  7. Ms. Maja Bukovšak, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  8. Ms. Graciana del Castillo, Economic Consultant, New York
  9. Mr. Mato Crkvenac, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Croatia
  10. Mr. David Culpepper, Advisor, Government of the Republic of Croatia
  11. Mr. Ante Čičin Šain, former Governor of the Croatian National Bank and Honorary Consul to the Republic of Ireland
  12. Mr. Ilker Domac, Bank of Turkey/The World Bank
  13. Mr. Krešimir Dragić, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  14. Ms. Lana Dukić, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  15. Mr. Edgar L. Feige, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  16. Mr. Jarko Fidrmuc, Oesterreichische Nationalbank
  17. Mr. Randall K. Filer, President, CERGE-EI
  18. Mr. Hans Flickenschild, Advisor, International Monetary Fund
  19. Mr. Tomislav Galac, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  20. Mr. Mitja Gaspari, Governor, Bank of Slovenia
  21. Ms. Katja Gattin Turkalj, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  22. Mr. Curzio Giannini, Deputy Head, Banca d'Italia
  23. Mr. Oleh Havrylyshyn, Senior Advisor, International Monetary Fund
  24. Mr. Michael M. Hutchison, Professor, University of California
  25. Mr. Ljubinko Jankov, Executive Director, Croatian National Bank
  26. Mr. Boštjan Jazbec, Professor, University of Economics Ljubljana
  27. Ms. Vanja Jelić, Deputy Director, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  28. Mr. Igor Jemrić, Director, Statistic Department, Croatian National Bank
  29. Mr. Jiri Jonas, Advisor to the Executive Director, International Monetary Fund
  30. Mr. Iikka Korhonen, Bank of Finland
  31. Mr. Evan Kraft, Director, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  32. Mr. Ricardo Lago, Deputy Chief Economist, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  33. Mr. Maroje Lang, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  34. Mr. Vladimir Lavrač, Institute for Economic Research - Ljubljana
  35. Mr. Constantino Lluch, Advisor, US Treasury
  36. Mr. Relja Martić, Vicegovernor, Croatian National Bank
  37. Mr. Adolf Matejka, Vicegovernor, Croatian National Bank
  38. Mr. Francesco Mazzaferro, Principal Economist, European Central Bank
  39. Mr. Dominique Menü, BNP Paribas - Beograd
  40. Mr. Dubravko Mihaljek, Senior Advisor, Bank for International Settlements
  41. Ms. Mia Mikić, Professor, Faculty of Economics Zagreb
  42. Mr. Jeffrey Miller, Professor, University of Delaware
  43. Mr. Žarko Miljenović, Chief Economist, Zagrebačka banka d.d. Zagreb
  44. Ms. Piroska M. Nagy, Advisor, International Monetary Fund
  45. Mr. Peter Nicholl, Governor, Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  46. Mr. Erik F. Nielsen, Director, Goldman Sachs
  47. Mr. John Norregaard, IMF Resident Representative, International Monetary Fund
  48. Mr. Damir Novotny, Member of the CNB Council
  49. Mr. Domenico Mario Nuti, Professor, London Business School
  50. Mr. Edward A. Offenbacher, Acting Director, Bank of Israel
  51. Ms. Vanja Orešković, Governor's Office, Croatian National Bank
  52. Mr. Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Executive Board Member, European Central Bank
  53. Mr. Tomislav Presečan, Vicegovernor, Croatian National Bank
  54. Mr. Velimir Rajković, Assistant to the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Croatia
  55. Mr. Željko Rohatinski, Governor, Croatian National Bank
  56. Mr. Stijepo Sentović, Internal Audit, Croatian National Bank
  57. Mr. Larry Sjaastad, Professor, University of Chicago
  58. Ms. Nina Srkalović, Head of Governor's Office, Croatian National Bank
  59. Mr. Tihomir Stučka, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  60. Mr. Gordi Sušić, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  61. Mr. Istvan P. Szekely, Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund
  62. Mr. Velimir Šonje, Member of the Board, Raiffeisen Bank Austria d.d. Zagreb
  63. Mr. Vedran Šošić, Research Department, Croatian National Bank
  64. Mr. Heliodoro Temprano-Arroyo, European Commission, Directorate General
  65. Mr. Ivan Teodorović, Director, Institute of Economics Zagreb
  66. Mr. Christian Thimann, Head of Division, European Central Bank
  67. Mr. Lúcio Vinhas de Souza, Professor, Tinbergen Institute
  68. Mr. Andrew N. Vorkink, Country Director, The World Bank
  69. Ms. Ružica Vuger, Chief Advisor to the Governor, Croatian National Bank
  70. Mr. Boris Vujčić, Deputy Governor, Croatian National Bank
  71. Mr. Paul Wachtel, Professor, New York University
  72. Mr. J. de Beaufort Wijnholds, Executive Director, International Monetary Fund
  73. Mr. Krešimir Žigić, CERGE-E
  74. Mr. Ante Žigman, Chief Economist, Raiffeisen Bank Austria d.d. Zagreb


"The Euro Goes East" - Special lecture by Professor Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB



Edgar L. Feige: The Dynamics of Currency Substitution, Asset Substitution and De facto Dollarization and Eurization in Transition Countries - Final Version
PDF  814 KB

Francesco Mazzaferro, Christian Thimann and Adalbert Winkler: Stabilisation and Integration Views of Euroisation/Dollarisation Regimes: A Review of Some Specific Features - Draft Version
PDF  217 KB

Fabrizio Coricelli and Boštjan Jazbec: Exchange Rate Arrangements in the Accession to the EMU - Draft Version
PDF  615 KB

Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Ilker Domac: On the Link Between Dollarization and Inflation: Evidence from Turkey - Draft Version
PDF  800 KB

Philip Arestis and Kostas Mouratidis: Credibility of Monetary Policy in Four Accession Countries: A Markov Regime-Switching Approach Draft Version
PDF 322 KB

Jiri Jonas: Argentina's Crisis and the Implication for the Exchange Rate Regime Debate - Draft Version
PDF  396 KB

Willem H. Buiter and Clemens Grafe:  Anchor, Float or Abandon Ship: Exchange Rate Regimes for the Accession Countries - Draft Version
PDF  245KB

Edward A. Offenbacher: Dollarization and Indexation in Israel's Inflation and Disinflation: "There's more than one way to skin a cat" - Draft Version   
PDF  330 KB
Power Point Presentation

Evan Kraft: Monetary Policy Under Dollarization: The Case of Croatia - Draft Version
PDF  470KB

Randall K. Filer and Jan Hanousek: Inflationary Bias in Mid to Late Transition Czech Republic - Draft Version
PDF 141 KB

Power Point Presentation
257 KB

Heliodoro Temprano Arroyo: Prospects for Subregional Monetary Integration in Latin America: A View from the EU - Draft Version   
PDF 829 KB

Oleh Havrylyshyn and Christian H. Beddies: Capital Reflows to Central Europe and CIS Since the Russian Crisis: Safe Haven Effects or Rebalancing Risks? - Draft Version  
Dubravko Mihaljek: The Balassa-Samuelson Effect in Central Europe Countries - A Disaggregated Analysis - Draft version
PDF 401 KB

IIkka Korhonen and Jarko Fidrmuc: Similarity of Supply and Demand Shocks Between Euro Area and CEECs - Draft Version
PDF  357 KB

Michael M. Hutchison and U. Michael Bergman:  Northern Light: Does Optimal Currency Area Criteria Explain Nordic Reluctance to Join EMU? - Draft Version
PDF  203 KB